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Have you ever heard of ear acupuncture? Also called auriculotherapy (after the auricle of the ear) it is a complete system for treating many different health imbalances and nurturing wellbeing. The ear system is a microsystem containing over 100 acupuncture points. The points correspond to various body areas and conditions. In an auriculotherapy session, your acupuncturist will evaluate and select the most efficient points to benefit you. Single-use sterile needles are applied to the points to effect the healing action.

Ear acupuncture is popular and widely used because it is quick, efficient, and low-cost. The more consistent you are with auriculotherapy, the better the results will be. The time after needling when the needles are retained usually feels relaxing and rejuvenating, like pushing a “reset” button for the mind and body. After the needles are inserted they are retained in the ear for 35-45 minutes to allow treatment to take effect.

When getting ear acupuncture it is a good idea to simply meditate or read, rather than scrolling on a phone (the light and noise from a phone, as well as the temptation to text or take calls often disrupts the good energy built up in the treatment). If you are with a friend it is a good idea to agree not to speak but simply relax while the needles are in.

You might feel calmer, or notice sensations in the auricle of the ear or other parts of the body. These are usually pleasant and is a sign that the qi (chi / energy) is moving in response to the acupuncture points.

For more information on Ear Acupuncture, see this article from Very Well Health.

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