November Update

Information for Acupuncture Sessions: Phone number: 251-644-4127 Full Body Acupuncture $85 Ear Acupuncture $55 Cupping $45 Recommended Follow-Up: 7-10 days from first session. Hours: By appointment, closed Sunday & Monday. No Show Fee: $45 No Exceptions. See Appointment Policy to understand it is impossible for us to accept same-day cancel / no show. *All theContinue reading “November Update”

May 2021 Update

Hi all, May is the beginning of Summer (Li Xia) on the traditional medicine calendar, on May 5. We are now in the season of Fire, the Heart and Small Intestine. At the beginning of each season is a good time for acupuncture “tune up” or what we call a seasonal treatment which protects yourContinue reading “May 2021 Update”

Oriental Medicine on the Side Effects of Quarantine

Our organs in their mental / emotional aspects have a specific way of being that they prefer. When this natural order is disrupted, a pathological state could occur. The body will try to balance the Qi to neutralize pathological states. This is the body’s defense mechanism for keeping us balanced, but it also uses up Qi (energy) which can cause us to feel tired and depleted.

Boosting the Immune System with Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine offers a complete and well-established system for boosting the immune system. This is done in a natural, noninvasive way that relaxes the mind and strengthens the body. If you believe you have a depleted immune system, it is best to seek treatment sooner rather than later so that your acupuncturist…

Introduction to Tao Nutrition

In Oriental Medicine, one of the principal causes of disease are lifestyle and food habits (Suwen, Chapter 1). Consciousness about cooking habits, lifestyle and a mindfulness about the energetic and medicinal qualities of each ingredients are really the key stone of the tao nutrition.