2023 Update

Happy New Year! The clinic is reopened for 2023, the start of our 4th year in practice. We want to start the year off with a big thank you to our clients and friends for your support and trust in us to be your acupuncturists here in Mobile, Alabama 💚 As always we look forwardContinue reading “2023 Update”

2022 Holiday Update

Greetings, friends! We hope everyone is well and safe for Christmas holidays. The clinic will be closed until after New Year, and then will resume normal hours shortly after that. Year of the Tiger 🐅 keeps going until February 2023. Christmas and calendar new year are a wonderful time to reconnect and set new goals,Continue reading “2022 Holiday Update”

8 Concepts of Mental Health from Acupuncture Theory

Originally posted on Acupuncture for Wellness:
Three treasures of humans are our Chi (energy), Jing (structure/essence) and Shen (spirit/vitality/consciousness). Mental state and emotions directly impact the Shen and the Chi.? 2. Shen (spirit/vitality/consciousness) is expressed in the eyes. A good Shen is full of light and awareness, without chaotic movements. A depleted Shen is lacking…

Introduction to Acupuncture in Mobile, AL

Originally posted on Acupuncture for Wellness:
Family Care Acupuncture is located in Mobile, Alabama on Cottage Hill Road. Here is what you need to know, in a list: Traditional, classical acupuncture treatments are provided. Helps a variety of conditions including pain, anxiety, chronic conditions, digestive problems, smoking, stress, sleep troubles, trauma or injury aftermath, low…

Help for Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue refers to a group of symptoms arising from the adrenal glands not secreting enough hormones, or secreting them at the wrong time. Being in a chronic nervous state of fight-or-flight may eventually burn out the adrenals, leading to jitters or anxiety, energy levels that yo-yo from extremely tired to extremely active, or justContinue reading “Help for Adrenal Fatigue”

All for Wellness! 2022 Update

We are welcoming this new year with gratitude. In the last two years we have gotten to know the people of Mobile and neighboring cities even across state lines. It has been our pleasure to assist you with your health goals, work against chronic conditions and help families live healthier and happier lives. When youContinue reading “All for Wellness! 2022 Update”

November Update

Information for Acupuncture Sessions: Phone number: 251-644-4127 Full Body Acupuncture $85 Ear Acupuncture $55 Cupping $45 Recommended Follow-Up: 7-10 days from first session. Hours: By appointment, closed Sunday & Monday. No Show Fee: $45 No Exceptions. See Appointment Policy to understand it is impossible for us to accept same-day cancel / no show. *All theContinue reading “November Update”

May 2021 Update

Hi all, May is the beginning of Summer (Li Xia) on the traditional medicine calendar, on May 5. We are now in the season of Fire, the Heart and Small Intestine. At the beginning of each season is a good time for acupuncture “tune up” or what we call a seasonal treatment which protects yourContinue reading “May 2021 Update”