2023 Update

Happy New Year! The clinic is reopened for 2023, the start of our 4th year in practice. We want to start the year off with a big thank you to our clients and friends for your support and trust in us to be your acupuncturists here in Mobile, Alabama 💚 As always we look forward to seeing you and wish you all the most positive experiences in 2023. 🎉

2022 Holiday Update

Greetings, friends! We hope everyone is well and safe for Christmas holidays. The clinic will be closed until after New Year, and then will resume normal hours shortly after that. Year of the Tiger 🐅 keeps going until February 2023. Christmas and calendar new year are a wonderful time to reconnect and set new goals, only don’t forget to rest. ❄️ And we will see you “next year”! 💚 -Your acupuncturists

8 Concepts of Mental Health from Acupuncture Theory

Acupuncture for Wellness

  1. Three treasures of humans are our Chi (energy), Jing (structure/essence) and Shen (spirit/vitality/consciousness). Mental state and emotions directly impact the Shen and the Chi.

2. Shen (spirit/vitality/consciousness) is expressed in the eyes. A good Shen is full of light and awareness, without chaotic movements. A depleted Shen is lacking energy and enthusiasm, and seems heavy or sad.

3. The facial complexion expresses three things: the Shen, the Heart Blood (important for circulation, nutrition, and energy) and the Stomach Yin (digestion and nutrition). Two main cause of lifestyle disease or un-balanced living are emotions and alimentation, in other words, our mental state and the things we eat and drink. Research has named this and includes the microbiome in the “gut-brain axis”. Eating improperly for our body type or “eating our feelings” is sub-optimal alimentation that causes weaknesses of the chi over time.

4. Strong emotions have varying effects on the health…

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Introduction to Acupuncture in Mobile, AL

Acupuncture for Wellness

Family Care Acupuncture is located in Mobile, Alabama on Cottage Hill Road. Here is what you need to know, in a list:

Traditional, classical acupuncture treatments are provided.

  • Helps a variety of conditions including pain, anxiety, chronic conditions, digestive problems, smoking, stress, sleep troubles, trauma or injury aftermath, low energy, and more.

  • This clinic treats most health concerns that acupuncture is known to help with. Calling to speak with a practitioner is the most sure way to find out if you are a good candidate for acupuncture.
  • This clinic also services a variety of non-urgent concerns like wellness, relaxation, whole body health (preventative / proactive sessions) and acupuncture for a centered mind similar to meditation.
  • The acupuncture tradition here is old: coming from the heritage of the translated classical medical texts by French-Vietnamese acupuncture physicians Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi and Dr. Tran Viet Dzung.
  • The practitioners here are friendly and…

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Help for Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue refers to a group of symptoms arising from the adrenal glands not secreting enough hormones, or secreting them at the wrong time. Being in a chronic nervous state of fight-or-flight may eventually burn out the adrenals, leading to jitters or anxiety, energy levels that yo-yo from extremely tired to extremely active, or just constant tiredness. People with adrenal fatigue need more sleep than someone with healthy adrenals. They should absolutely avoid caffeine except for on occasions or in very small doses. People with adrenal fatigue need a “clean” but energizing diet with nutrient-dense foods. 

Acupuncture diagnoses of Adrenal Fatigue may include: Kidney Yang Deficiency, Kidney Yin Deficiency, Spleen Qi Deficiency, Spleen Yang Deficiency, Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Blood Deficiency.

Adrenal Fatigue is treated with targeted acupuncture points for supporting the active energy (Yang) and moving stagnant Qi. They usually involve the Kidney meridian, Spleen and Stomach meridians, Liver meridian, and the midline meridians of Ren and Du. Acupuncture points are selected according to the diagnosis you match up with, or according to your specific symptoms. Adrenal fatigue is also commonly treated with Moxibustion (Moxa) which warms up acupuncture points with a roll of gently burning herbs. Acupuncture treatments for adrenal fatigue are enjoyable because you will probably feel sleepy and relaxed during the treatment, then balanced and energized within a few hours after. Next stages of treatment include improvements to the sleep-wake cycle, recommendations of healing foods and herbal tea, and possibly herbal medicine. An important focus for becoming completely free from adrenal fatigue is to improve your energy and sleep quality, and eliminate stress. While it may not be possible to completely remove causes of stress, you can become healthier, stronger, and happier so that the pressure of stress affects you less. 

All for Wellness! 2022 Update

We are welcoming this new year with gratitude. In the last two years we have gotten to know the people of Mobile and neighboring cities even across state lines. It has been our pleasure to assist you with your health goals, work against chronic conditions and help families live healthier and happier lives. When you work with us you are participating in the ancient tradition of acupuncture and also the more modern tradition which is not experienced often enough these days…that of one-on-one personalized wellness care. We have experienced and learned much thanks to YOU our patients and friends, and hope to continue ahead into this new year in the same manner, with progress and learning on both sides, and PLENTY of WELLNESS BREAKTHROUGHS along the way. Wellness is not about having the perfect regimen, but about living your life in the most enjoyable and vibrant way possible, while making any necessary change with ease. All of our wellness routines have evolved over the past few years. Acupuncture continues to fluidly adapt and change while ever remaining the same system of the individual as a whole, an integrated network of mind, body, and spirit. The changes that have been made for 2022 are small. For a little reminder: You can schedule an acupuncture session by calling 251-644-4127. Our full body acupuncture is $85 and takes 1-1.5 hours. Ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy) is $55 and takes 1 hour. All sessions are INDIVIDUAL and PERSONALIZED to your specific wellness needs and health condition. We do not do credit cards or insurance (and are not in network with any insurance company). Our simple fees and payments keep acupuncture accessible for all and allow us to focus on YOU and your OPTIMAL health with no obstacles in between. Veterans and US service members qualify for veteran discount, just be sure to mention your veteran status and branch when you set your appointment or before payment. We are so happy to bring Acupuncture and all of its benefits to you, and to beautiful Alabama. Thank you and welcome to a new year for wellness.

November Update

Information for Acupuncture Sessions:

Phone number: 251-644-4127

Full Body Acupuncture $85

Ear Acupuncture $55

Cupping $45

Recommended Follow-Up: 7-10 days from first session.

Hours: By appointment, closed Sunday & Monday.

No Show Fee: $45 No Exceptions. See Appointment Policy to understand it is impossible for us to accept same-day cancel / no show.

*All the info you may need is on familycareacupuncture.com or call us and we are happy to hear from you.

August Update

Are you looking for acupuncture in the gulf coast area or near Mobile, Alabama for help with GERD, IBS, or chronic digestive issues? Look no further. We are a classical acupuncture clinic for all your acupuncture needs. Classical acupuncture does more than just treat pain. We use holistic evaluation to get to the “root” of the problem and help you adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Specialized acupuncture treatments combined with Tao Nutrition (East-Asian healing food strategy) address a variety of problems including acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, digestive upset, nausea, and chronic digestive problems. Why?

A variety of acupuncture points and almost ALL of the meridians address metabolism and digestion to some degree. This is because it is our body’s basic process of making chi (life energy), and for absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste, which has to be done every single day for an optimally healthy life. If you look in the mirror and your tongue is pale, swollen, toothmarked, or has many cracks in it, these are all signs that some part of the digestive system is not as healthy as it could be. If you have frequent gas, bloating, loose stools, acid reflux, “indigestion” or an always bitter taste in your mouth, it is time for an acupuncture check-up!

The health of the Spleen and Stomach are centrally important to the health of the entire digestive system in classical acupuncture theory. One of the most widely used acupuncture treatments ever created is called “Harmonize the Earth”, applied for a healthy digestion. Handed down for generations from the Earth School of medicine in ancient China, it treats many digestive complains through four specific actions: harmonizing Spleen and Stomach, supporting Shen (one’s spirit or mental health and joy), nourishing Yin , and clearing Dampness. Modern medical science is recently beginning to understand the impact of digestive health on one’s mental health through the study of microbiome and the gut-brain axis. Harmonize the Earth for centuries has considered the mental along with the physical. This was often the first treatment that every patient would receive when being treated by an Earth School practitioner. With this and other classical treatments, we help you regain your good digestive health so that you can feel better, have more energy, absorb your nutrients and enjoy food again!

May 2021 Update

Hi all,

May is the beginning of Summer (Li Xia) on the traditional medicine calendar, on May 5. We are now in the season of Fire, the Heart and Small Intestine.

At the beginning of each season is a good time for acupuncture “tune up” or what we call a seasonal treatment which protects your health for the particular climate and time of year.

People doing seasonal treatments see the acupuncturist 1-5 times per year.

Specific health concerns require acupuncture a little more often. If you want to come in please schedule your appointment 1-2 weeks ahead, especially if it is your first session.

We have a lot more information for you on the FAQ page of the website.

We will look forward to seeking you, soon. Be safe this Summer 🌱🪂

Ear Acupuncture in Mobile, Alabama

Have you ever heard of ear acupuncture? Also called auriculotherapy (after the auricle of the ear) it is a complete system for treating many different health imbalances and nurturing wellbeing. The ear system is a microsystem containing over 100 acupuncture points. The points correspond to various body areas and conditions. In an auriculotherapy session, your acupuncturist will evaluate and select the most efficient points to benefit you. Single-use sterile needles are applied to the points to effect the healing action.

Ear acupuncture is popular and widely used because it is quick, efficient, and low-cost. The more consistent you are with auriculotherapy, the better the results will be. The time after needling when the needles are retained usually feels relaxing and rejuvenating, like pushing a “reset” button for the mind and body. After the needles are inserted they are retained in the ear for 35-45 minutes to allow treatment to take effect.

When getting ear acupuncture it is a good idea to simply meditate or read, rather than scrolling on a phone (the light and noise from a phone, as well as the temptation to text or take calls often disrupts the good energy built up in the treatment). If you are with a friend it is a good idea to agree not to speak but simply relax while the needles are in.

You might feel calmer, or notice sensations in the auricle of the ear or other parts of the body. These are usually pleasant and is a sign that the qi (chi / energy) is moving in response to the acupuncture points.

For more information on Ear Acupuncture, see this article from Very Well Health.

To book an appointment at Family Care Acupuncture, call the clinic.