Acupuncture is the art of inserting thin, painless needles into specific points along the body’s meridians to create a positive health effect. In Classical acupuncture, each single treatment is custom-fitted to the individual. The diagnosis takes into account the pulses, tongue, facial diagnosis, signs of conditions, and the complaints or symptoms of the individual. The role of classical acupuncture is to establish and maintain balance in the body’s systems, resulting in recovered health. Oriental Medicine diagnosis uses a different system than modern Western medicine. Our mentor Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi used to often say, “Oriental medicine does not compete with Western medicine…it complements Western medicine.”

You may have heard of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), Chiropractic acupuncture, and dry needling. The acupuncture that we practice is different from each of these. The difference is fundamental, since we view the body as a whole, harmonious system of energy meridians and organ systems. This holistic view of the body contributes to the unique strategy of classical acupuncture, which is to treat according to the specific individual.

At Family Care Acupuncture, you can expect a pleasant and relaxing experience while you are here, and a sense of wellbeing when you leave.

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