Spring Update

Spring is a yang part of the year. ☯️ The ancient texts of Chinese medicine remind us at this time of year in particular to rise with the Sun and take walks in nature, to absorb the beneficial chi. This is the same chi causing plants to emerge from their winter sleep and generate the light green new growth. 🌱 As water energy of Winter becomes wood energy of Spring, it is also a great time for detoxifying, cleansing, and renewal. We can renew our perspective, as the increasing sunlight helps us to see things in new ways. Spring in the Chinese medicine calendar goes with the color green, jade green, the Liver and Gallbladder, Eyes, Muscles and Tendons. We have new patient appointments opening in the coming weeks. If you need a refreshing new start for your health and inner well being, Acupuncture is a great place to begin. 251-644-4127

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A Classical Acupuncture Clinic in Mobile, Alabama

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