All for Wellness! 2022 Update

We are welcoming this new year with gratitude. In the last two years we have gotten to know the people of Mobile and neighboring cities even across state lines. It has been our pleasure to assist you with your health goals, work against chronic conditions and help families live healthier and happier lives. When you work with us you are participating in the ancient tradition of acupuncture and also the more modern tradition which is not experienced often enough these days…that of one-on-one personalized wellness care. We have experienced and learned much thanks to YOU our patients and friends, and hope to continue ahead into this new year in the same manner, with progress and learning on both sides, and PLENTY of WELLNESS BREAKTHROUGHS along the way. Wellness is not about having the perfect regimen, but about living your life in the most enjoyable and vibrant way possible, while making any necessary change with ease. All of our wellness routines have evolved over the past few years. Acupuncture continues to fluidly adapt and change while ever remaining the same system of the individual as a whole, an integrated network of mind, body, and spirit. The changes that have been made for 2022 are small. For a little reminder: You can schedule an acupuncture session by calling 251-644-4127. Our full body acupuncture is $85 and takes 1-1.5 hours. Ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy) is $55 and takes 1 hour. All sessions are INDIVIDUAL and PERSONALIZED to your specific wellness needs and health condition. We do not do credit cards or insurance (and are not in network with any insurance company). Our simple fees and payments keep acupuncture accessible for all and allow us to focus on YOU and your OPTIMAL health with no obstacles in between. Veterans and US service members qualify for veteran discount, just be sure to mention your veteran status and branch when you set your appointment or before payment. We are so happy to bring Acupuncture and all of its benefits to you, and to beautiful Alabama. Thank you and welcome to a new year for wellness.

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A Classical Acupuncture Clinic in Mobile, Alabama

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