7 Things to Know About Acupuncture

What are the main things you need to know about Acupuncture? Here is a summary to answer questions about the healthcare option that is helping people live free of inflammation, pain, anxiety, and excesses of medication.

  1. It is safe and noninvasive: Sterile, single-use needles combined with the proper techniques creates a gentle healing process that the body accepts easily. 
  2. Not painful: We use very thin needles and practice gentle needle insertion. Most people feel energized, relaxed, and a sense of wellbeing following treatment. 
  3. Effective: The World Health Organization lists acupuncture as proven effective for 28+ conditions. Decades of modern research plus thousands of years of traditional use support acupuncture as an effective option for many different conditions. 
  4. Works well with other therapies: Acupuncture will not negatively interfere with conventional medicine, physical therapy, or any other therapy but supports the overall healing process. 
  5. An individualized treatment: Acupuncturists take into account health history, body type, diet, emotions, and your unique goals when creating a treatment, for a treatment well-suited to your needs. 
  6. A relaxing experience: Acupuncture is a fun experience that feels a lot a mini vacation where your mind can relax while the body has time for repair and rejuvenation. People who have trouble meditating or relaxing may find that acupuncture allows them to let go of their troubles when the body goes through the healing process.
  7. Treats many different conditions: Why is it that people go to see the Acupuncturist for so many different things? One person goes to reduce face wrinkles and another is treated for sport injury or digestive problems…this is because Acupuncture is a complete system of care within Oriental medicine. It views the body holistically as a system of chi and meridians. This holistic system allows a treatment for many different conditions. One of the strengths of Acupuncture is that it is a preventative or maintenance care. You do not need to have a condition to receive acupuncture treatment, but can have it for a “tune up” of your energy and chi flow or relaxation.

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